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zalMania Art Collector Circle Squared

Collectors Circle Squared

Circle (squared) for the zalMania Art Collector.

Life is strange and beautiful.

…experiences of the world inspire our perspectives which inform and shape our experiences of the world…

Nonetheless, artists have to make their art.

And for those few brave souls that experience original, vibrant, delicious artworks in their surroundings on a consistent basis: there is no substitute.

If you are one of these, then you already know. If you are new to collecting art and surrounding yourself with the grace, power and raw aesthetic beauty of original artworks, you are in for a treat!

And now I thank you for your support 😉

For welcoming my artworks into your living environments, please allow me to show my appreciation for the trust you have shown in me.

Collector’s Circle inclusion is open to anyone that has commissioned original artwork or purchased an original of my artworks.

I offer the Collector’s Circle the following benefits:

-Studio Pricing on original artWorks.

-Free Shipping on Limited Edition and Fine Art Prints

-Access to studio content, studio visits and tours and preferred access to art and wine events.

-‘Macaroni Necklace’ -an exclusive handmade small original artwork series made just for the Collector’s Circle.

Macaroni Necklace Q3 2017

Please note:

As this offering is about the relationship between you and I, Collector’s Circle Square benefits are not transferrable.