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The Gallery [context]


The Gallery [context] offers the Tucson Salon Anon Anon :: an informal container surrounded by original works of art (some fine, even!) and generally filled with a fresh live soundscape, food, beverage, and various delights for the senses. Join us!


The Gallery [context] created 10 contemporary art shows in a 7,000 square foot gallery at The Seattle Design Center.

We highlighted about 200 artists from emerging to mid-career, working in bronze, glass (hot, cold, and fused), steel, ceramics, concrete, found objects, mixed media, performance, photography and loads of acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and wood. Think we covered all of the bases 😉

Very rewarding to be on the other side of the Desk. Big thanks to all those that helped create all of this awesomeness (often in a short amount of time with constrained budgets). Here’s what it looked like, if you want more (curatorial essay, links to artists shown, etc. Be in Touch