Direct Experience, the creative productions of Zalman Berkowitz


Direct Experience: Abstract art that changes with us.

if you are like me, you love stories with novelty and rampant aspiration

if you are like me, you have low tolerance for bad design and reverence for mastery of craft

if you are like me, you love and appreciate beautiful objects and are highly selective about the environments you create for yourself

if you are like me, you like to believe that all of this matters and that we are going somewhere and it’s important and we gotta hustle

if you are like me, you sometimes have many balls in the air while you practice keeping the plates spinning… 

{at best 

a calm center the chaos flows around, receiving and offering influence towards positive outcomes

{at worst 

a train wreck requiring humility, reconciliation and renegotiation

if you are like me, the more responsibilities you have, the more important it is to sharpen the saw… {balancing with playfulness, good food, physical activities and taking the time to appreciate the wonder and beauty of this life.

if you are like me, you are engaged with thriving in a dynamic life filled with pressures and opportunities for growth

if you are like me, sometimes you really appreciate naps

Hi, I’m Zalman. I create vibrant, original abstract artworks designed for presentation in multiple orientations, inspired by aspirational characters and symbols, abstract geometric forms, natural patterns and interactive, tactile paintings.

The work is presented here as a sort of ‘Nap’ from the busy-ness: a place to rest your focus, an energetic refresher for your perception, like an old friend with a new story.

zalMania Original artWorks and Fine Art Prints are offered direct to collector so you can be assured of quality and provenance.

Continue the conversation, commission an artWork or share your impressions with me.