Direct Experience, the creative productions of Zalman Berkowitz


These poems by Zalman Berkowitz are performed monthly-ish with the most crunchy organic, quasi-militant adherence to whimsy ya ever herd. Here are a few text versions with spoken word on soundcloud and video updates as they become available.

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The Moody Woman

the moody woman sits unsmiling, more than woman she is muse she is haunting as the train sounds through the desert only six short, walkable, easy blocks from a place used to inhabit. A place where your lovers eyes drank the soul of you without tomorrow. The train sounds again with plaintive rhythm. Calling. Warning. DEMANDING. One More Small DEATH and you turn away. you turn away because there is more. you remember. remember running up the stairs to the bed you used to share, remember home. remember your heart in your hands as you returned that first key. Kissed politely she tasted of red wine. wine drank with another as they sat. on. the covers. remember comfort. remember friendship. Gone. Then. Strong leaps the muse as you throw your one self: pens and brushes furious, madly. screaming inspiration, gladly. canvas and pages fill, all forms exist in will and you follow. you follow to forget. you follow to forget the sorrow. you follow to forget that golden delicately delicious truth. forget that you are alone, still. forget that you love again. forget that you never stopped. forget that you are beautiful. forget that you cause pain. forget that you’re unique in time. forget that you’re time is borrowed. forget that you owe me. forget that payback’s a bitch. but you don’t live here all the way anyway. you live on the journey, not the page. and there’s no end in sight. you watch the dawn light vanish starry night wish flight on angel wing this glorious thing, but: IT’s not Yours anymore. and never was, cuz. You have got Yours. to give. Love.


Do you hear that?

Do you hear that? The Universe Is. having sex with, itself wet with, Earth blood rising and pumping out of the veins of you all desire raging fire burning lava molten churning rising to. the surface which. is the skin that. surrounds, does not contain where you live in Brain. Passion burns the same. the shadows eyes dance in moonlight, companion dark is of light. and She holds her body like: moon. beams bliss and what would you trade for this, does it matter how your souls kiss selfish. minds exist in time but I’m universal in rhyme, I am. And friendship? friendship is a warm handshake after too many years disguised sometimes as that dull blade at your throat constricting self-serve gave me gas or was it Ass I thought could fill me? I had a dream. I had a dream I was walking. I had a dream I was walking on a planet. I had a dream I was walking on a planet and I felt love. I felt love. I felt LOVE and it was Like… I felt LOVE and it was like… me, as I desire to be. I desire to be, but. I desire to be and yet, but. I desire to be, but: I already am: Purple mountain majesty, hot desert baked sun, cool breeze earth sea, me. I am. A clown with sound, my heart a part of humanity, I am. Not done with this, human racist in the rave-ist places, taste this: I am. Awash in a tranquil womb sea recognizing my life’s prosperity. I am. And the sequel? I am the audience, people. I am the blank stare of un-empty chair warm with you being There for US to share wish to kiss bliss with. Peace be with you, new people stew. we wanna grow too,  {now what we gonna do, wow}





we open the gates and flood love subtle raging beauty love always felt a newbie. you’re magical open heart the roles part you play the dimensions of ones intentions. pivotal peace piece pivotal the words come as the will is done but the will is the way by the way the words are mightier than swords flushed as turds while we become one dancing under the sun lotus many petalled flower the hour of ours magnificent powers of pivotal peace freeze these whirlwind time unwinds spins and I’m as I’ve always never been and will be, feel me until we surf ride riptide moon beams and gentle streams like ocean in moonlight less bright than the stars at night. the waters warm, here. the oceans carry, no fear, naked, we just get to play here and our mission, more of simple goodness and submission. manipulate fate? impossible fact natural forces beyond time cause me to rhyme through this life time- the legacy of light? is also mine to flow through, light pattern focused not hocus pocus comfort never chokes us a simple stroke_— us. simple kindness when we find this root called truth an ageless youth. floating flying wings of time bring future memories as loves reflection reeling shatters hopes glass ceilings to soar matter the universe and more. thats what we love for. smitten kitten, lions roar and panther growls rattling the depth of vowels like ooohhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


the target

ya can’t deny that

our dreams follow while

we try it let go reason and discover

its the season

we are lovers


waves of Light

Eye Ride waves of light. get blue things from power streams like flower dreams I write. Moonbeams without strings. Get Brave, sing. songs of the strong long gone from wrong I don, WINGS. more to unify less to separate I, create. emotion in motion beauty moves me Sonic. the stereophonic bubonic tonic to git up on it. edit: the negative, repetitive, competitive, overly analytical hyper-critical BULLshit, just sit. follow. form. swallow. the potential for thought. and where is the thread to pull ME into existence, where am Eye in metaphor, what am I for. Meta-physics, philosophy, the me of me, I ride the tide of Be. free, to see humanity with poetry. reality? so OLD you remember when beaches were mountains fed fountains like youth seeks truth on another shore. waves lapping as mental tapping for Shore. Intention: retention. fluidity lucidity, dexterity, design. mental construction and Divine. pleasant. lovely. I AM. BE.



ride light waves from sun rays to moonbeams as reality dreams JAZZ. Tragedy to majesty, impotence to mastery this succulent catastrophe, Life. its who we be. Beauty is free so come on along with me explore imagery as wood nymphs could pimp soft naked whispers tree branch silhouettes mother moon sits: cartoons, cupids fits and starts with hearts. Rainblowed cotton candy bliss and sugar less sweet than this most tender gentle kiss of hot love in cold rain, two sweaty bodies that moved the same. raw animal passion that floods my brain then drains, spent.

the conversation came and went: passions vent, love remains, evident. an inevitable event heaven sent without detriment a moment to pause: drink from the well, feel the fire swell, pungent sweet breeze carried smell. of evergreen trees, fields of wildflowers and trembling knees, baby powder… seemed like ours while I held you, in my gaze, with neck-hairs raised… desire never fades just shifts to new phase so, be yourself, Brave. And welcome. And thank you. Rave.


September 12th

you know what your task is. be kind. this is your life time pardon me can you show me the way to harmony give it your all at the call practice your love heaven above and below nothing left to do just step in to you calm and love strong. don’t be scared Im not afraid of fate or destiny or what my heart says to me Im one manifesting destiny universal interlocking free form flowing electronic interconnected thought form protected outward receptive inward projective progressive techno-hippie spitting trippy lips, colorform. earthships. people suits. heart loot. eternal truth? internal sleuth. logic. my aunt ruth berkowitz she lives in brooklyn walks the sabbath all the way. Oy. Vey.

doing being freeing sing. reality brings magic window

didja forget that you are happy?

didja forget your life is beautiful?

did ya forget,

angels are the air force…

……and america is rolling. cosmic light, its our birth re-birth, right.

did ya forget fate?

never too late it has no opinion its just given: dominion. ashes to ashes and lust to lust cuzzz if you got time, to lean theres time, to dream. the universe is multiverse and mystery a delicate multiplicity of intricate harmonies super-symmetry so lets have some TEA. imagine yourself free. imagine your self real. imagine your self healed. imagine. your. self. now. feel.


This B4

alls fair in love and war

don’t act like ya never heard

this b4

and what is more. virgin mother crone. seductive temptress. sultry vixen. and the home alone. Fixing the kitchen. that drone and old bones and

alls fair in love and war don’t act like ya never heard this b4.

flowers are flowers I let them be as they are beautiful

a time for that a time for this all out raining seething fiery serene bliss peaceful Ms. Equal

alls fair in love and war.

don’t act like ya never heard

This B4

what is more or less nowness a guess giving your best accept the test funny how we spin things, unburden yo self and ya get to feel spring. wellSPring of emotion the eternal unending bending constant flow Motion. foot on the floor arms holding sky while the sand drips by while the hand grips why? not what ya say but how you say it annunciate or just spray it. not what the words mean: feeling. Intention. Belief. Suspension. Relief. Contention. Peace. Tension. Release.

An idea thats a part of the whole, a heart and a soul.

And thats all.

who knows what fate has in store

All is Fair in love and war.

Don’t act like ya never heard

This B4

where there is love


is no question

manifesting the learn lessons

Creates so well

sheeez: the

invisible indivisible fantastic phanta-Sea magically permeating the visible breeze

carried almond honeysuckle thick temperamental growing right out yer mental physical temple hair and

Alls fair in love and war.

don’t act like ya never heard

This B4

looks of longing and loneliness forgotten and remembered bliss this… B4

nothing of value is ever lost

celebrate movement practice improvement Happiness is Chocolate. bittersweet dark kissing orange spice a little kick of cayenne nice. right, right.

color your perception how you prefer remember its what we are living for experience



All is fair in love and war.

Don’t act like ya never heard

This B4

chosen between what is sincere and insincere between dreams and what appears between what is revered and earths children tears between love and fear where hope lives. hope. belief.

alls fair

who knows what fate has in store heights and depths dreamt and explored

Alls fair in love and war

Dont act like ya never heard

bcos ya never herd


Details (cookie no cookie)

details like a scrap of paper

at a bus stop looking

closely a fortune cookie no cookie

“you are talented with your hands” thanks

the Gift and the Practice that

comes with it reminder:

talent alone won’t save us because Vigilance

and cookies are so delicious to my mind

sometimes Even talented

hands miss messages

like scraps of paper

through fingertips crunch

of sugar egg flour fortunes from

strangers we make marks always

before outcomes like

my heart now and the light

downtown sun rays golden filtered through silver clouds ground damp and cold cozy inside.

I wonder if the sun knows what

sunlight looks like to my eyes now

like gifts from strangers I am found reflecting

of course not, that’s impossible

like walking or breathing or life based on Carbon

smile thankful

there are muscles in the face that if you squeeze them right

they make you happy

how cool is that!




a love supreme

the love supreme

my love supreme

our love supreme

A supreme being that it is life that we are love that we are I am

peaceful with myself

an equal with my health

how does it begin

with the wind a burning desire to win. you find me

on time and appropriately dressed. give it your all. expect your best. rising to the test recognizing that your blessed. win it all: love, friendship, success. be here as you have: become. comfortable in the chaos and where you are: from. life. what its about?


transitions. balanced ambition. the continuing mission love and changing positions. forward the next adventure. third rock with the tools heaven sent ya: rules: know that it is beautiful because if you are HERE you arrrrrrrrgh family, trust all is as it should be just: one plus one plus one plus one plus ONE plus


Together. equals. free.

how will it…

Free. Will It. maintain like the rain meets the sea