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Wine Events

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when faced with an incomprehensible wine list or an obnoxious waiter that doesn’t seem to have your best interests in mind?

Or maybe your eyes glaze over and you start to hear that dial tone off in the distance when A Wine Geek starts to wax poetic about the ‘unctuous layers of red raspberry jam commingled with lilac and licorice’ or an ‘obstreperous wine of startling character, youthful vigor and subtle notes of the complexity of wisdom beginning to emerge’.

Kind of bothersome, right?

Or perhaps you are already a wine enthusiast looking to add some dimension to a dinner party with friends or liven up an event with your colleagues. Maybe you are a professional spending some quality time with clients that enjoy wine and want to offer something unique and memorable.

Do you wish there was an easier way to cultivate a working knowledge of wine without having to go to ‘class’ and schedule one more responsibility?

Yep, me too.

I love when listening (connoisseurship) rewards with deeper experience.
My strengths are in translating the geeky worlds of wine and art into accessible language that connects with real people. I am passionate about creating memorable experiences that open people up to their own powers of perception and creativity.

I find it incredibly fascinating how art and wine are never-ending stories. No matter what level of experience one brings to the world of wine or art, there is always another facet to uncover, some fresh mystery to explore.

In my experience, intentionally chosen wines and foods have the capacity to connect us back to the land, to our sensations and to each other. Get in touch and find out how Cork Dork can add that special flavor to your event.



Cork Dork, a Sommelier For Hire service offering wine program development, wine list design and food and wine services for events large and small, corporate and private. Cork Dork adds an entertaining, casual, educational dimension to dinner parties, breakout sessions, summer associate programs, client entertaining, holiday gatherings and whenever people gather to celebrate food, wine and artful experience.

Wine tasting tours of local restaurants and wine country are another way Cork Dork can add some depth to your experience.

We excel at creating fun,¬†educational¬†events. Get in touch and let’s raise a glass!